About Production

Linen is crisp, clean and comfortable. Incredibly soft, yet strong and durable. The more it is used, the softer and stronger it becomes.

Belgian Linen

Undoubtedly among the most highly regarded linen producers in Europe, our Belgian mill is the real deal. They've been perfecting their craft since 1860, and they produce some of the most exquisite weaves we've ever come across. They are one of six official producers of Belgian Linen, are one of nineteen holders of the coveted Masters of Linen qualification. They're a carbon neutral facility and place a strong emphasis on ecologically sensitive practices.

Farming and Production Process

Not all linen is the same. Harvesting methods and the length of fibers have a profound impact on quality and durability, and we’ve carefully selected our mills for the most thoughtful artisan processes learned over generations. Lower quality producers, large retail chains and less expensive linen brands often take short cuts in this arena, resulting in poor durability and rougher textures. Our suppliers all grow their flax in Western Europe, in France, Belgium and the Baltics. Rather than using cheaper chemical treatments, a time-consuming and highly effective combination of sun, rain and dew is used to slowly separate the fine fibers from the coarse parts of the plant. Fibers are then sorted and graded based on length. For superior quality, we insist on long length fibers, ensuring the very best longevity and texture.

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